Get Outside this Summer!

After the terrible spring and early summer we had, we are all so happy to be able to enjoy our outdoor spaces again.  Why don’t you consider installing an outdoor speaker system?

If you’re going to install outdoor speakers, you need to choose equipment designed to be exposed to the elements. But equally important is the sound quality. Honestly, there is no better choice than the Paradigm’s Garden Oasis Series. It takes outdoor listening to a whole new level!


Outdoor speakers are, by definition, placed in an environment where they’re going to be exposed to the elements.  Paradigm’s Garden Oasis series has that covered.

The exterior of their GO4 and GO6 speakers is made of a proprietary material called PolyGlass that’s resistant to rain and ultraviolet radiation. The GO12 and GO10 subwoofers have a similar weather and UV-resistant coating made from high-density polyethylene

Even the wire that connects your speakers is protected from the elements.

All the speakers are mounted using a half-inch threaded Quick Twist Cap system that ensures a watertight seal, so you don’t have to worry about water seepage.

The Quick Connect system works with Paradigm’s ground stakes, in-ground conduit boxes and surface mounts, so you can quickly install new speakers or replacements without any specialized wiring.

Each speaker comes with a watertight rubber  cover to protect your speakers when it’s too cold to spend time outside.


Every speaker and subwoofer in the Garden Oasis line uses Paradigm’s RED Technology.

 The  speaker’s tweeter is mounted in a way that it significantly reduces the negative effects of diffraction, while simultaneously boosting critical midrange frequencies even in outdoor environments. 

The tweeter’s irregular edges and off-center placement break up the performance-robbing standing waves typically generated by traditional cone and tweeter housing designs.


Garden Oasis systems make it  easy to design a flexible speaker system of any size because they are scalable.

You can start with a pair of speakers and a subwoofer, then build the system out to your heart’s content. One of our customers has three systems around his pool and patio area.

You can mount the speakers using ground stakes, on ceilings or walls with surface mounts, or using an in-ground conduit box so you have multiple options for placing speakers in the ideal configuration for your yard.


We hear you! We had the same concerns! But ask anyone who has put in a Garden Oasis system and one of the first things they will tell you is that they don’t get complaints because they don’t have to play it loud to get amazing sound everywhere.

Because you have multiple speakers, the volume can be relatively low, but you still get great sound and amazing clarity because of the speaker placements.

Multiple, strategically placed speakers (on ground stakes, or wall mounted) are combined with an in-ground subwoofer. This allows you to landscape around them, so they become  virtually invisible.


You can hear our amazing Garden Oasis systems at three local businesses

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