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Local Speciality Stores are More Expensive…Right?

Many people think big box stores like Best Buy and Costco offer better prices, but this is not always true.

Similarly, people believe that specialty stores like Musicworx are more expensive, but this is also not true!


Musicworx is part of the 60-strong Audio Video Unlimited Group of specialty AV stores. As well as that, we are part of GPG Power Group, with over 600 independent retail storefronts in the consumer electronics and appliance industries. 

This incredible combined buying power gives us the ability to MEET and very often actually  BEAT the big box prices. 

Additionally, since we all have the same suppliers, we are ALL bound by the same rules in regard to pricing and promotions. If you see them advertising a special, we will price match – since we will have the same promotional pricing as them.


So, we’ve established that they can’t beat us on price – but one area we CANNOT compete with THEM, is on advertising!

Big Box stores have massive advertising budgets, so they can create more awareness. 

But the Big Box stores also have massive overheads, unlike most specialty stores, which gives us an advantage  – and the ability to offer better deals.


PRICE is not the only consideration when it comes to making a purchase – especially if it’s a luxury or specialty item.

VALUE and QUALITY are very important considerations. 

At Musicworx, we curate our products very carefully. We tend not to carry many entry-level products because we cannot stand by them. We want you to have many years of happy viewing or listening and we want to make you a “customer for life”. 

We don’t just “sell stuff” and we don’t oversell. We do everything within our power to work within your budget.

We make our customers happy and help them get the best bang for their buck.


After 30 years in business in Chilliwack, Musicworx has built a great reputation for customer service.

We have multi-generational families who do business with us and our regular customers trust us to help them make informed decisions to select the right products to meet their needs.

Our team is experienced, professional, trained and certified.  We take the time to get to know your specific requirements, which is in direct contrast to the rushed, impersonal, and frankly uninformed service you often experience at the bigger stores.


We are extremely community-minded and actively volunteer and participate in many local events,  and we are active in several local organizations. 

Supporting local businesses helps our Chilliwack economy in many ways. We employ local staff and support local charities and causes. 

We share your sense of community pride.


When you shop at a local specialty store like Musicworx you don’t have to pay a membership fee (like Costco), or deal with huge lineups.

You WILL get the best price in the market – guaranteed.

We will never oversell you – or sell you the wrong product or service.

In fact, since you’re dealing with the business OWNER, your chances of getting an even BETTER deal are greatly enhanced!



When you visit Musicworx, you deal with the OWNER.

Jim is an audiophile and spends hours researching our products – always looking to enhance our offerings.

Our installation team is second to none – and we work with many of the most prestigious businesses and companies in town – and throughout the Lower Mainland.

Written by Lynne Goodwin 2023