Sounds of Summer from Musicworx

It is so nice to be able to look forward to a relatively “normal” summer – with friends, family, barbecues and picnics.

Outdoor entertaining season is finally officially (legally) ON!

We’ve come a long way from hauling boomboxes outside to play music. Many people have invested in built-in outdoor speakers like the popular Paradigm Stylus series. They’ve been our go-to outdoor speaker for years and they’re ideal for your deck or balcony.


Stylus speakers come in 4 different sizes and are ideal for outdoor applications such as balconies, decks and patios.

They’re built to withstand all kinds of weather,  and have the sound quality you expect from Paradigm speakers.


Rock Monitor Speakers have been part of our outdoor lineup for many years and they come in very realistic faux rock finishes – and they pack serious sound into a discreet landscape feature.

Find the Rock Monitor!


To say we’re smitten with the Garden Oasis would be an understatement!

This system is the ultimate for your outdoor entertainment area – and one of our recent projects included 3 full systems: 3 subwoofers and 20 speakers!

The system is designed for landscaped areas and they are installed using conduit and direct burial cable. Powered by an Anthem Crown Amplifier, the sound is nothing short of brilliant!



What you see here is the tip of the iceberg! The “mushroom”  is all you see of the subwoofer, because the large bass cabinet is buried. 

The Garden Oasis subwoofer comes in 2 sizes – 10″ and 12″

Garden Oasis speakers also come in 4″ and 6″ sizes.

If you're serious about Backyard Entertaining...
If you're planning a pool, a pool upgrade or you're doing some landscaping in time for summer come in and have a demo of
our Outdoor Speakers. Garden Oasis is always set up and ready to go! Come and listen - but prepare to be as amazed and impressed as we are!