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Is that "nest" behind the TV cabinet or in the closet driving you crazy?

Somehow the mess gets messier – then things stop working and “someone” tries to fix it and there’s cursing, tears and frustration.

Everyone swears they didn’t touch anything, but suddenly there’s  no sound…or no picture…or a hummmmm

One of the most common requests we receive is to re-wire systems after a move, or even a room re-organization.

We take great pride in clean,  no-mess installations with everything conveniently labelled and tied up. 

Here’s a  “for instance”:

The closet was a shambles. Nothing was labeled and it was disorganized. Don got everything tidied, labeled and tied up and installed a security monitor.

So – if things aren’t working and it has become overwhelming, call the LOCAL experts! We’ll get it done RIGHT!