The New Sonos Sub Mini

Introducing The Sonos Sub Mini In Canada! The Sub Mini is the newest product from Sonos that’s perfect for deepening your enjoyment of music, TV, and much more. If you love bass in sound, the Sonos Sub Mini would be a brilliant addition to your living space, especially if you already own a Sonos Ray, Beam,


Protect Your Investment!

How Important Is A HiFi Surge Protector? When’s the last time you changed your power bar? Without a HiFi surge protector, you risk permanently damaging your expensive audio and video equipment. While a standard surge protector may protect against voltage spikes if it’s relatively new, a HiFi surge protector often provides enhanced protection. It can protect


What is a Pre-Amp?

Home theatre systems often include multiple components, including an amplifier/receiver for connecting equipment to a set of speakers. One component that many people overlook is a pre-amp. So, what is a pre-amp, and do you need one for your home theatre system? Preamplifiers are responsible for amplifying an audio signal before it is sent to


Your Own Outdoor Oasis

Being able to spend more time outside during the spring and summer is great. If you’re a movie buff, you might want to watch movies with your family and friends outdoors. This is possible when you have the right outdoor audio & video setup. You can get everything that you need professionally installed, too. Read



“what do YOU suggest” is something our customers ask all the time. Our reply: “it depends WHAT you listen to, WHERE you listen to it and how much you’re prepared to invest.” We decided to each build a system, based on different room configurations. budget and lifestyle considerations. It was a great exercise and we


All the things

Now you will never, ever have to stress about what to buy the vinyl junkie in your life! At Musicworx we carry a huge range of Pro-Ject turntables and accessories Adapt It Fits all turntables and centres the record on the turntable. Unbreakable! Cork It Turntable Mat for sound tuning and damping to enhance sound

Samsung Neo-QLED Vs QLED TVs

From our very first Musicworx NEO installation we have been blown away by the picture quality and aesthetics of these incredible TVs – and our customers are beyond happy with their new televisions! Samsung is one of the leading manufacturers of HDTVs, and the Neo-QLED TVs are the company’s most recent effort to compete with

Introducing the Samsung Premiere Laser Projector

Video projectors traditionally offer less clarity and depth compared to the latest TVs, but the Samsung Premiere has closed the gap. The Premiere is the newest short-throw laser projector designed to deliver a theatre-like experience in your home. So, is the Samsung Premiere worth it? Here is a closer look at its features and the

Soundbars vs Powered Speakers

Should You Get A Soundbar Or Powered Speakers For Your Living Room? The picture quality of today’s TV’s is nothing short of incredible. The speakers in your TV however, haven’t kept pace and may not offer enough power to fill your living room with sound. Soundbars and powered speakers are two of the most convenient