Now you will never, ever have to stress about what to buy the vinyl junkie in your life!
At Musicworx we carry a huge range of Pro-Ject turntables and accessories

Adapt It
Fits all turntables and centres the record on the turntable. Unbreakable!

Cork It
Turntable Mat for sound tuning and damping to enhance sound quslity

Brush It
Record cleaner reduces static and cleans your vinyl

Acryl It
Acrylic platters for various models are available

Measure It S2

Spin Clean
Gentle record washing to protect vinyl and your stylus

Clean It
Stylus Cleaning Brush for daily use

Clamp It
Functional and easy to use sound improvement! – does not add weight which causes rumble

Rubber It
Heavy duty rubber and cork turntable mat to reduce dust and enhance sound quality

Wash It
Eco friendly cleaning solution *no alcohol

Measure It E

Align It