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Whether you’re building from scratch or renovating, its important to think about your current and future needs for Audio and Video distribution. You should also be considering the Smart Home features you’re interested in. That’s going to depend on your specific needs and lifestyle: for instance, where you watch and listen to your media and music. But don’t leave it too late – the time to be thinking and planning for Audio, Video and Automation (Smart Home) is at the framing stages!


Set up a consultation meeting with Jim and go over your plans together. You can come into the store either before we open or after we close so you can be uninterrupted. Give us your ball-park budget and we will work with you to make sure you get the best results for your hard earned money. We’re happy to work with your Contractor or Interior Designer too!

MAKE A PLAN (we can help!)

 Once we know what you want, we can plan your network to make sure your music and television signals get to where you want them! It’s also important to think about what convenience needs you’d like in the way of automation. Though you may not want to actually DO all of those things now, the fact is that getting  the wiring done before the drywall goes up is super smart!   Think about future upgrades, or even what’s going to add value for re-sale. We think of it as “future-proofing”.


We’ll ask you things that you may not have considered. Do you want wiring for outdoor speakers? Where do you plan to put your furniture? That will determine speaker placement. You can see and hear all the speaker options: in-wall, in-ceiling, on-wall, towers, bookshelf.  Musicworx boasts many different speaker brands too: Paradigm, Monitor Audio, Kanto, PSB – as well as Sonos and Denon wireless speakers. They all have different characteristics and applications. We can help advise you on the best choice for your room and budget.

Getting it “done right” SAVES time and money in the long run.


Once we’ve agreed on a plan we will liaise with your electrician or security contractor. We’ll specify the speaker placement and other wiring requirements specific to your home networking and entertainment systems.   Alternatively we can do your wiring for you – it’s entirely your choice. Our priority is making sure it’s DONE RIGHT. Wiring should be done after the electrician and before drywalling. 

It’s heartbreaking for us to arrive at someone’s dream home to install their new TV or speakers only to find that the speaker placement is wrong, or that the right wiring isn’t in the right places. It happens ALL the time and it’s totally avoidable!

If  you’re new to town you mightn’t know that we are THE Local Home Entertainment Experts. 

We are part of the Audio Video Unlimited/Power Group franchise and we have the same buying power as the big box stores. We meet, and often BEAT, our competitors’ prices (including Costco) and our motto is “Making Customers for Life”. You can’t beat the experience and service we bring to the table either!

We have an exclusive offer for our customers too. We give a FREE 5 year TV warranty with every Samsung TV we deliver and install. We call it “Peace of Mind”. 

Jim’s famous quote “If you buy anywhere else, you’re probably paying too much”

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