The Sero

by Lynne Goodwin

This TV is Truly Amazing

It’s easy for us to get excited about new technology – there are so many cool new features with every new model release.

For me, this has been the best season ever for Samsung – I’ve been drooling over the new outdoor Terrace TV.  That purchase is going to wait for a whole backyard renovation. though! I think The Frame is gorgeous – and a brilliant idea & for sure it’s on the shopping list!

My latest passion though is The Sero.
horizontal or vertical
The Sero is totally unique.
  • It’s moveable (you can get wheels for it)
  • The cables are all hidden in the integrated stand
  • You can just tap your phone on the bezel to cast your content to the TV
  • It has 4.1 surround speakers in the base
The 43" screen size is perfect for studios and huddle rooms.

I can’t imagine a better tool for You-tubers, Tick-Tockers or anyone working on Mobile Content.

You can rotate the screen from landscape to horizontal 3 ways:

  • by rotating your phone
  • selecting the Rotate icon on your remote
  •  voice control
The Sero is beautiful.  

The integrated stand is dark blue and when it isn’t being used as a TV, you can set it to one of 5 portrait modes:

  • poster
  • clock
  • photo
  • sound wall
  • cinemagraph
Now you get the WHOLE picture.

No more back bars on your You Tube videos!

The picture quality is exceptional –  and the screen displays an optimized viewing ratio so you  get a real screen-full.

And it’s QLED technology with adaptive lighting. STUNNING!

Ambient Mode.

Not many people know you can do this with the latest Smart TVs – but I think it’s one of the niftiest things ever.

You take a picture of the TV and the surrounding area.  Then you set the TV on ambient mode and it then displays an image which makes it virtually disappear.

That all sounds confusing, I know. In real-life it’s actually quite the party trick. Watch the video to see what I mean! Or better yet come and check it out at Musicworx!